A grateful Canadian, Dune values the insights gained from having lived in wartime Vietnam and two refugee camps in Indonesia. A Certified Management Consultant, Dune founded Beacon for Change, a leadership and management consulting firm based in Western Canada. An enthusiastic learner, Dune enjoys teaching leadership and management courses at several post-secondary schools. He is passionate about delivering inspirational keynote presentations and intensive workshops. Bitten by the music bug, Dune loves sharing music as a seasoned guitarist and a budding singer-songwriter.

Dune works with managers to develop leadership capabilities.

He lives in the Greater Edmonton Area with his wife and sons.

Management Consultant & Corporate Trainer
Working with managers to develop leadership capabilities.

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“Dune is very positive in his approach, and he puts a lot of effort into effectively working with different types of learners. It’s also clear that he has remained dedicated to improving himself as an instructor, business consultant and public speaker, and this is something I really admire.”

John Neelin
General Manager, Edmonton
PEO Canada Ltd.


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