Harnessing Creativity

Creativity is instrumental in promoting engagement, enabling innovation, and optimizing success.

Do you want to cultivate and harness creativity for you and your team?

Here are some useful ideas:

Make time and space for creativity
Embrace curiosity
Practice playfulness
Seek out inspiration
Experiment and take risks
Collaborate and connect
Embrace diversity and inclusion
Practice mindfulness and reflection
Learn from failure
Celebrate success

Do you want to elevate leadership for you and your team?

Here are some reflection points:

Vision: Do you have a vision of new lands so compelling you’re willing to lose sight of known shores?

Empathy: Do you seek first to understand others?

Commitment: What are you willing to give up to pursue your vision?

Integrity: Do you bring your whole self everywhere?

I help leaders harness creativity for innovation.

Pursuing excellence is more productive than obsessing over perfection.