Do you have vision of a great future? Are you ready for the next transformation? Have you noticed that great transformations occur when we have the vision and courage for bold actions?

Great transformations require us to leave known shores and embrace new lands. As one of the ‘boat people’ in the early ’80s, Dune has discovered this universal truth as a refugee and immigrant. As a management consultant and corporate trainer, he has also observed the same.

Dune delivers inspiring keynote presentations that empower participants to lead great transformations.

Dare To Plan; Dare To Act; Dare To Risk

Dare To Fail; Dare To Learn; Dare To Change

“His vision, along with the compelling narrative of his own progression from refugee to IT professional, Management Consultant, and Motivational Speaker, truly inspired my students to hold fast to core values while striving for the exceptional in career and home.”

Dr. Fred Mensch
Instructor, JR Shaw School of Business