Happy to contribute to clients’ success!

“Dune wove an evening of magic for students and instructors alike as guest speaker in NAIT’s Bachelor of Technology, Critical Reading and Writing course. He inspired his audience to be their best in whatever personal and career decisions they make, and to strive always for an ethical, creative and fulfilled life. His vision, along with the compelling narrative of his own progression from refugee to IT professional, Management Consultant, and Motivational Speaker, truly inspired my students to hold fast to core values while striving for the exceptional in career and home.”

Instructor, JR Shaw School of Business

“Dune was an invited keynote speaker at our regular ERIEC Smart Connections event on June 25th, 2015 at the Delta Hotel in Edmonton. These types of events helps hundreds of Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) in creating sustainable career paths, whether within or outside their field of expertise. We usually offers these sessions twice a year. Dune’s presentation entitled “Why Project Management?”, was a professional, informative and an engaging personal story of discovery and success in his project management field that left all in attendance inspired by his professional journey and his open invitation for others to consider the advantage of building these skill sets for themselves.

Executive Director
Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council

“As my instructor and mentor, Dune has gone beyond the call of duty to provide me with the support and follow up I needed to succeed as a business analyst and project manager. I really appreciate not only his exceptional knowledge and experience, but the patience and compassion he shows when providing his support. I highly recommend Dune as an instructor, mentor and guide!”

Director of Organizational Effectiveness
Barrett Values Centre

“I had the good fortune of taking a 3 day Business Analysis course at Mount Royal University with Dune as my instructor. He was an awesome instructor, very knowledgeable, and had many, many real life examples to share. Dune is an inspirational speaker and a great communicator. I would highly recommend Dune!”

Operational Business Analyst

“I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Dune in several Business Analysis courses at MacEwan University. He excels at distilling complex subjects down into focused bullet points which are easy to recall and turn into action at work. In doing so, he adds value that goes well beyond the course material. I continue to use his teachings on a daily basis as a business analyst. He is a gifted communicator and I would recommend him as an instructor, lecturer, or educator for large or intimate audiences.”

Business Analyst
VP Communications, IIBA Edmonton

“Dune is an inspirational teacher – he shares his wealth of knowledge through his own experiences and via a mixture of multi media tools to assist us in remembering what he has taught. He challenges our thoughts and responses constantly so we are constantly re-thinking and re-applying the techniques and tools. It was a great pleasure being in Dune’s class.”

Business Analyst, Identity Access and Management

“We had the pleasure of having Dune as the facilitator for a series of courses in the Contract Management Extension Certificate program through Mount Royal University. He is very well organized and extremely well versed in his subject areas. The way Dune delivered the course material made it very easy for the group to understand, as well as gave many examples of how to apply the information as well. Dune also kept the course very upbeat and shared many stories for that added personal touch which gave us great inspiration. Great facilitator and would definitely recommend Dune for any type of communication/speaker engagement.”

Contract Management Services
Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures

“I had the pleasure of taking 3 management courses at MacEwan University with Dune. He is a great course facilitator who excels at delivering easy to understand educational material, while ensuring that participants’ needs are met. He is a subject matter expert and he balances the type and depth of information to match the group’s professional interest and requirements. Dune’s style is informal and he teaches in a story telling format with lots of Q&A, discussions and group activities. I highly recommend him as an instructor and facilitator.”

Experienced Manager
Sales & Business Development Leader
Team Builder

“Dune is an amazing instructor. I have taken multiple Business Analyst courses that he facilitated at MRU and have always enjoyed his way of teaching. Dune is very knowledgeable and his examples are always based on his personal experience and not just theoretical understanding.”

Business Process Architect
Long View Systems

“I am pleased to recommend Dune Nguyen to any organization considering his services as an instructor or facilitator. I was fortunate enough to have had Dune as an instructor on two occasions through my Business Analysis Program and he was excellent both times. In my opinion Dune’s greatest skill is being able to achieve a high level of engagement while at the same time delivering factual material at the right pace. It’s like he is able to transform a boring textbook into that really interesting book that you can’t put down as he guides you on a journey that tells the story of your learning material. Added to this, Dune is very well versed in the material he is presenting and is able to dynamically adjust to alternative points of view or address questions to ensure everyone understands the content. If given a choice, I would gladly choose Dune for any future learning opportunities.”

Delivery Analyst Team Lead
IBM Canada Ltd.

“I have been fortunate to have had Dune as an instructor for several of the course offerings in MacEwan University’s Business Analysis Professional Development Certificate program. Dune is an articulate and engaging instructor with an expert ability to illustrate core concepts by applying them to real-world examples which resonate with the experiences of students in the class. His approach to class facilitation respects and honors the wide variety of perspectives and professional backgrounds in the class. Dune encourages collaboration, creates a climate of respect and provides the students with the skills they need to succeed in their professional endeavors.”

Functional Analyst
MacEwan University

“I had the opportunity to take some Business Analysis courses that were delivered by Dune, and I was immediately impressed by his effectiveness as an instructor. Dune has all of the skills of an experienced facilitator, but I believe his major strength is his enthusiasm for engaging with others and with the content. Dune is very positive in his approach, and he puts a lot of effort into effectively working with different types of learners. It’s also clear that he has remained dedicated to improving himself as an instructor, business consultant and public speaker, and this is something I really admire.”

General Manager, Edmonton
PEO Canada Ltd.

“Any opportunity you have to take a class with Dune, take it. His teaching method engages the audience in understanding concepts and applying them to real examples. Not only will you come away from his class with a solid understanding of the topic, you may find some inspirational stories thrown in. I look forward to taking more classes facilitated by Dune.”

Business Analyst
Worley Parsons

“I’ve had the good fortune of having Dune as instructor for a number of business analysis professional development classes at MacEwan University’s School of Continuing Education. His enthusiasm for the subject matter is infectious, and his facilitation of group discussion is excellent. Examples and anecdotes from his own extensive experience, as well as those he elicits from the group, really bring the course material alive; significant value is added to the foundation provided by the BABOK guide.”

Service Delivery Lead
Campus Solutions
MacEwan University

“Dune is an enthusiastic and engaging teacher. I have found his Business Analysis Professional Certificate courses interesting and practical. I highly recommend Dune as an instructor.”

Business Analyst
City of Edmonton

“I’ve had Dune as an Instructor for a Business Analysis course. Dune demonstrated great skill as an instructor and vast knowledge as a Business Analysis professional. His collaborative method of teaching and communication style effectively engages the audience and reinforces principles and concepts. I would be happy to have Dune again for future courses.”

Messaging Administrator II

“I have had Dune as an Instructor for few management courses at MacEwan University. Dune is very knowledgeable and I have always enjoyed his way of teaching. I would be happy to have Dune again for future courses.”

Mentorship Facilitator
Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council

“I know Dune Nguyen in the capacity of instructor at Mount Royal University. Dune is extremely knowledgeable with a wide breadth of experience, which enables him to provide the strategic insights, and nuances into business analysis and the management and operations of a firm. He is an excellent communicator with strong interpersonal skills.”

Business Analyst

“I met Dune several times when I took Enbridge’s Project Management courses in 2012 and 2013. Course lectures were clear, refreshing and the activities were dynamic. I enjoyed taking Dune’s course and will recommend him to other prospective Project Manager Professionals.”

IT Project Manager

“Dune was one of my instructors, for my Business Analysis training, at Mount Royal University in Calgary. I fully enjoyed Dune’s classes as he kept the material vibrant and engaged the entire class, where possible. I didn’t get to enjoy his musical side, but I heard he is quite talented there also. If you get a chance to take any Business Analysis class from Dune, do it. He makes the experience enjoyable.”

IT Business Analyst
Mark’s / FGL Sports

“Dune Nguyen is an engaging and dynamic instructor, who uses fantastic examples that aren’t always conventional but are always interesting. He is thoroughly prepared and is always able to answer even the most demanding questions. There is never a dull moment in his courses!”

Musician, Business Analyst
Independent Contractor

“Almost anybody can stand up and teach a subject. But if you are ready for a totally different experience, make sure you connect with Dune. Back in 2012, for a series of Business Process Management courses, he was my Instructor at Mount Royal University. He was outstanding, charismatic, and inspiring. Looking forward to seeing Dune in action again!”

Mobile Mortgage Advisor

“I have had the privilege of having Dune as an instructor for several Project Management and Business Analysis courses. His in-depth knowledge in these areas is very apparent in his instruction. Dune does not move through the content until he ensures the participants have a full understanding by encouraging participation and providing real life examples to explain the various methodologies. I would highly recommend Dune as a facilitator.”

Sr. Project Analyst
Enbridge Pipelines

“I had the pleasure of completing a business analysis course with Dune as the instructor, and found Dune to be highly knowledgeable and engaging. His real-life examples and the knowledge he shared with us has shaped the way I approach and utilize business analysis in the professional workplace. He has a knack for engaging his students to learn by using a variety of communication methods and by offering personal insight that you can only learn over time and through experience. I would highly recommend him as an instructor and look forward to taking another business analysis course with Dune.”

Business Analyst, Business Planning & Central Operations
City of Edmonton

“I had Dune as an instructor at Mount Royal University for the Business Analysis Perspectives course. Dune’s real life examples brought together the course material to make it both relevant and interesting. I highly recommend him as an instructor!”

Account Executive
SysGen Solutions Group

“I had Dune as the Instructor of my Business Analysis Perspectives at MRU. Dune kept the class very engaged with real life examples and demonstrating vast knowledge of the Business Analysis world. Besides being knowledgeable, he’s a very articulated public speaker. I’d be happy to attend other classes facilitated by Dune.”

Design Tools Consultant | PDS, SP3D Administrator | Bilingual | Business Analysis
BSolutions Ltd.

“I had the pleasure to have Dune Nguyen as my instructor during my Business Analysis classes at Mount Royal University. I found him to be very knowledgeable of the topics and I special liked the many real samples that he shared with the class. He came to class well prepared to teach and executed his lessons effectively and efficiently. I highly recommend Dune. He has the intellect, passion and communicative skills to be an outstanding teacher.”

Business Systems Analyst

“I attended a Group Facilitation Techniques workshop taught by Dune, and was impressed both by his enthusiasm and knowledge on the topic. Dune provided informative yet enjoyable hands-on activities and illustrated relevant and amusing scenarios on where these skills may apply. I would definitely recommend you attend a workshop or presentation led by Dune.”

Financial Analyst
Finning (Canada)

“I had the pleasure of having Dune as my Instructor at MacEwan University when I took the Business Analysis Certification Course as well as Project Mgmt. courses through my company. Dune has a way of delivering the material so that it relates to the students, he uses excellent examples to drive the message home and encourages class participation. Dune covers the various learning styles and has the willingness and flexibility to tailor his classes to what the students prefer. He asks for input and feedback on the material and is always interested in what everyone takes away with them each day. I look forward to future classes.”

Business Process Analyst, Business Process Improvement
ATCO Electric

“Dune is an excellent facilitator. I was lucky enough to participate in a day course about strategies for managing projects in November. I was thoroughly impressed with Dune’s ability to engage the classroom through thoughtful discussion as well as real life examples. Overall, this course was a day well spent and I will bring the strategies from the classroom into my day-to-day life.”

President, MacEwan Human Resources Club

“Dune is a highly experienced and energetic individual. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to attend one of his classes on Managing Projects. He was very engaging, and with his many years of experience in different fields he was able to relate relevant examples back to the discussion. If you have the opportunity to work with Dune, take a class with him, or another opportunity I highly recommend it! Dune is a fantastic instructor, and a very intelligent individual.”


“Dune effectively maintains an engaged student audience regardless of the topic. His passion for the subject matter and helping students succeed shines through and encourages everyone to follow along. His real world examples and strategies to apply the material help the information stick. I highly recommend attending a session with him if you ever have the chance.”

MacEwan Marketing Student | Club President | Graphic Design | Event Planning | Career Advisor

“I have taken two courses instructed by Dune. You can tell he is very passionate about what he does, and he does it well. He instructed me in “Introduction to Business Analysis”, a course touching briefly on each aspect of the subject matter. Dune referred to the course as the “Taste of Edmonton”, because it covers every knowledge area contained within the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK). He has a keen mind for analogy, which is important for helping students to understand complex subjects. I have no doubt that this course would have been overwhelming if not for Dune’s kind and engaging personality. If you have the chance to learn from him, please do so.”

Forest Resource Analyst at Silvacom™

“Dune is a great instructor. I took a Business Analysis course he facilitated at MacEwan University. He brings a lot of industry experience, and was able to infuse real life examples to the concepts he was teaching. I found his classes to be very engaging; at the end of each session, he would ask everyone in the class to mention one key takeaway from the section. He also gave advice on Business Analysis career paths, and the importance of being able to think strategically, which was beyond the requirements of the course. I would highly recommend him as an instructor, facilitator and coach.”

Certified Business Analysis Professional

“Dune is a fantastic instructor helping clients with specific issues. He doesn’t mind spending time listening and evaluating student request. He takes his time understanding the situation and help the student understand the material.”

Systems Analyst | Audio-Visual & Mobile Device Specialist | Facilities Coordinator

“I was fortunate to have Dune as my instructor for two of my Business Analysis courses at MRU. Dune has acquired a myriad of high-level business and academic qualifications throughout his career, and he brings this world of experience to his courses. He is able to explain concepts from various angles, and there is never a dull moment in his classroom! I hope to have Dune as an instructor again in the future!”


Integration Engineer

“I had the unique opportunity of having Dune as my Business Analysis instructor at MacEwan University. Dune is a dynamic instructor; he facilitated the courses with enthusiasm and passion, while keeping the class engaged with his knowledge and experience of Business Analysis. He encouraged class participation, ensuring that everyone had a complete understanding of the subject matter.”

Accounting/Risk Management/Business Analysis

“Dune, is an excellent instructor he is well versed in the material presented. He makes it very enjoyable to learn new concepts and ideas and how to put them to practical use. I highly recommend Dune.”

Director, Finance Business Applications
MacEwan University

“Dune assisted our company with developing a sponsorship package for our book signing tour. His approach was creative, professional and in line with our company values. I highly recommend Dune for his business consulting services. He is an expert in his field!”

Hammond International Inc.

“When I think of Dune, I think of the kind of leadership that is both process driven … and inspired.
Dune and I have worked on creative projects virtually and in person. In all instances, he leads with a commitment to process and a passion and purpose that produces excellence.
His capacity to both manage and collaboratively lead creative projects is remarkable working with a wide diversity of colleagues and able to move things forward.
And he plays one mean electric guitar. :)”

Lead. Inspire. Educate. Unite.

“A pro through and through.
Dune is like a light in a tunnel – just go toward the light, he will make everything easier to manage. You will leave his presence with renewed inspiration, increased education and an uplifted spirit!
It’s easy to recommend Dune!”

(VIP – Vitality, Inspiration, Positivity) Psychosocial Wellness Expert

“Dune is a very gracious individual with a wealth of knowledge. He always makes time for people and never hesitates to share his enthusiasm and knowledge base with you.
I have known Dune for well over 25 years and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any of my contacts.
Thanks again for everything Dune. All the best for 2021!”

CEO – Bullseye Digital Marketing

“I’ve known Dune personally and professionally for a few years now. Dune has been an inspiration to me as a mentor and adviser. Dune is always positive, is willing to extend his helping hand and provided some of the best advice to me in order to help me with my career. I cannot express my thanks enough.”

Personal Trainer & Cisco Enterprise Solutions Architect

“Dune was an excellent resource for me and my classmates. He provided advice and help throughout my Capstone project in my final semester at NAIT. He had the patience to let the group figure things out, but would step in to give instruction when he saw the need. He helped to facilitate our project and direct our ideas at times when we lacked focus. He has excellent skills as an advisor and instructor.”


“Dune is an excellent entertainer with a wonderful personality. He did a wonderful job entertaining approximately 200 Toastmasters and guests at our Golden Mountain’s 25th Anniversary Celebration on March 18, 2011.”

President of Golden Mountain Toastmasters (2010-2011)
Chair of 2011 Golden Mountain Toastmasters Chinese New Year

In every interaction, try to provide the most value possible.