Effective leadership is needed at all levels of any organization that wants to thrive.

A prerequisite for team leadership is self leadership.

Grateful to have learned many valuable lessons along the way!


Be kind to people, not because of who they are but because of who you are.

Be confident enough to get comfortable with uncertainty.

In complex situations, slow down if you want to be more effective.

Be a small part of a solution rather than a big part of a problem.

Wherever you go, bring your whole self.


Don’t let what you know prevent you from learning what you need to know.

Confidence is more powerful when mixed with the right dose of humility.

Your career is much more than your job. Your life is much more than your career.

To be happier and more successful, be more selective of what you care about.

Self control is the gateway to true freedom.


Pursuing excellence is more productive than obsessing over perfection.

If you want better conversations, ask better questions.

If you want to get better at something, hang around people who excel at that.

One way to earn respect is to show respect.

In every interaction, try to provide the most value possible.

The richest may not be the smartest.
The smartest may not be the most successful.
The most successful may not be the happiest.

Life is both complex and simple.
Enjoy the journey!